Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What can one say about this

type of weasel?

Thomas in Tokyo wrote to Lifelines in response to my Jan. 9 answer to an inquiry from reader Nick on the new law requiring the photographing and fingerprinting of foreigners on their entry into this country. I wrote that Japan Helpline is coordinating a response to the measure.

"Reader Nick asks about any organizations that are lobbying against the new law.

"If Nick is not Japanese, then he really has NO business lobbying against this law. Japan is not his country; he is a guest. As such, it is highly presumptuous of him to be telling Japanese how to run their country.

"Such lobbying only serves to besmirch the name of foreigners who graciously accept the opportunity (not right) to live in Japan and conduct themselves accordingly -- not to mention invite a backlash. Nick and his ilk have the option of leaving, which if they really are against the fingerprinting law, they should exercise. (Japan Times)

I would consider it an honor and a duty to "besmirch the name of foreigners" who assert that legal residents of a democracy have no right to express an opinion on (and/or oppose) laws which directly affect them. I would also be very pleased to besmirch the name of simpletons with the "love it or leave it" attitude. Wonder if Tommy has the same opinion of non-citizens in his own country who may protest something the government does. That assumes that he is from a democracy. He may not be since he does not seem to understand one.

Those who object to people exercising free speech rights in a democracy should perhaps themselves leave the democracy.

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