Friday, March 09, 2007

Great News

If I understood correctly, the 9pm NHK TV news program, reported that not only is Abe's right-wing faction of the LDP going to investigate the so-called comfort women issue to see if it really happened or not (this group already denies it "in the narrow sense") they will also investigate the Nanjing Massacre to see if it really happened. I hope I heard it wrong since I have heard it from no other source so far....(16 April 2007. I must have misheard it as I have heard nothing further since.)

LDP nutjobs did attend a lecture recently (6 March) about the Massacre being a complete fabrication. The speaker believes:

"We cannot let these distorted views of history spread throughout the world. We're not doing it because we're anti-Chinese; we simply want to tell the truth."

He rejects all accusations of Japanese war crimes in Asia, including the sexual enslavement of 200,000 women and the forced employment of millions of Chinese and Korean labourers.

"Koreans and Chinese want to save face by saying that we enslaved them, but their own parents sold them into prostitution and slavery. They're crying like women about what happened to them.")

It's all lies! Foreign Lies!!!! Japan was and is innocent. Smeared by evil foreigners!!! Poor Japan. A victim again.

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