Friday, March 02, 2007

Son of a War Criminal Abe denies

that Japan forced foreign women into sexual slavery. (Japan is sorry for its actions in World War 2, even though it didn't really do anything wrong).

So Abe now has rejected the Japanese government's 1993 statement that the Japanese military had set up brothels and forced women into sexual slavery.

“There is no evidence to prove there was coercion, nothing to support it,” Mr. Abe told reporters. “So, in respect to this declaration, you have to keep in mind that things have changed greatly.” (New York Times)

This stooge is the leader of the USA's main ally in Asia? What core values do America (including Canada, of course) or Europe have with the Japanese elite? There should no longer be any question at all about the lack of sincerity of Japan's expressions of regrets or fake "apologies" about WW2. Abe and his fellow rightist thugs do not believe Japan was wrong in any way that I can see. If he does, perhaps he should explicitly express exactly what Japan did wrong. Don't hold your breath.

But this is a little too far. Imagine what would happen if Japan's WW2 ally Germany, denied that it did anything wrong in the war.

Where is Japan headed? Toward a beautiful country, or toward a nationalistic, racist, unapologetic holier-than-thou, fascist country of the past?

I don't suppose many will write to congress about this as most people in the US and other Western countries won't care. That is how Japan gets away with what it does. People do not hold it to the same standards as European or North American countries. Or any other advanced country. It's what you could expect from Japan, I suppose.

(Why doesn't North Korea just simply start denying that it ever kidnapped any Japanese? Ignore all evidence. Ignore the returnees. Just call it all lies and deny everything. Just like Japan.)

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