Thursday, March 29, 2007

Loved in Japan, disgusting to the west

'Murder copied from a comic'

COPS were last night probing the possibility that comic-book fan Ichihachi copied Lindsay’s grisly murder from a CARTOON story.

Police found piles of violent Japanese Manga comics at the suspect’s flat.

The weekly cartoon-books — which are as popular as newspapers in Japan — frequently feature stories of young women and schoolgirls being raped and tortured...

“Lindsay, like most westerners, found them disgusting."

“They’re cartoon porn and Japanese men get a real kick out of them."

From The Sun Online.
(Full Story)

Lots of Japanese find them disgusting too, but it is true that you can occasionally see men reading them openly on the train (though not so often anymore). This must be bushido. Well, at least Japan has started doing something about the child porn that until 2004 it was a major source for.

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