Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another sadistic murder of a British woman by a Japanese

Several years ago, a young British woman was murdered and her body dismembered and dumped by a Japanese man. Another young British woman who had been teaching English has been found dead in a bathtub filled with sand on the balcony of an apartment of one of her students. Mr. Tatsuya Ichihachi (Ichihashi?) is being sought by the Japanese "police." Strangely, he was in the apartment while these pros searched it, but ran away when they found the body. The cops, it is said, "tried" to grab him.

What is it about Japanese men that make them murder British women? Is it genetic? Is it something in Japanese society? Is it bushido? (SARCASM!)

I think it is necessary for young British women to be aware of the fact that should they visit Japan, there is a chance that they will be murdered by a Japanese man!!! (SARCASM!) English teachers should take note too that student who is so kind and polite may murder you! Don't go to their apartment alone. Nova, the eikaiwa school denied reports that the man was a student. So one must be cautious of all Japanese men. To be really safe, you need to be cautious of all Japanese-looking men. What if he were a crossdresser? Better be careful of all Japanese-looking people period! I do think that only a Japanese could do this kind of crime. Of course this is not racist.

(Yes, in case you don't get it, I am doing to Japan what many in Japan do with crimes by non-Japanese.)

Oh, on a related story about Japanese worry over "foreign" crime:

In a 2006 Cabinet Office survey, 84.3% thought public safety had worsened over the past 10 years, with the largest number (55.1%) putting this down to "a rise in crimes by foreigners visiting Japan."

It appears Japan is a quite dangerous country. You can't trust anyone.

(Nobody really knows what happened to this unfortunate young woman except that she was murdered. Sarcasm aside, this does point out that one cannot accept everything that one reads about Japan being the safest country on earth or any of the other myths. Unfortunately, many people do.)

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