Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Japanese murderer gets news coverage in Japan

Got to admit, I was a bit surprised to see that the murder of a young British woman by a Japanese man was covered as a top story on channel 10 and also covered on channel 6 in Tokyo. Surprised because crimes by Japanese against non-Japanese don't get that much coverage in most cases.

When another young British woman, Lucy Blackman, was murdered by a Japanese man, there was not much coverage---in fact none---until Tony Blair leaned on former Prime Minister Koizumi to kick the Japanese "police" in the ass to get them to actually investigate the murder.

I read in Time magazine at the time---not an especially reliable source---that the police did not do much of an investigation because they don't take murders of non-Japanese women working in clubs as something warranting any effort. They don't---or didn't really give a damn until Blair and Koizumi pushed them into it.

Perhaps they have learned that sort of sweeping the murder of British women under the rug won't work.

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