Monday, March 05, 2007

Deja vu all over again.

Prime Minister Abe, after declaring his---and his fellow travelers---deeply held beliefs that Japan did not force women to become prostitutes/sex slaves for the Japanese military has now gone into the usual Japanese-style damage control. Well, maybe it isn't so exclusively Japanese-style; remember Bill Clinton arguing over the definition of "is" and of "sex."

Abe has his flunkies out now claiming that Abe "stands by" Kono's 1993 apology in which the then chief cabinet secretary admitted to, and apologized for, Japan's use of sex slaves in the war. Perhaps you wonder how Abe can stand by an apology for something that he claims never happened. Ahh. You don't understand Japan!! Logic does not work here as our buddy Masahiko "comb-over" Fujiwara has written.

Japan always does this and has for at least 60 years. Politicians make some vague wishy-washy "apology" then claim what they apologized for never happened. Later, when them thar troublesome foreigners get upset over being lied to and deceived, Japan claims that there is some misunderstanding in translation, or in words or some such horse crap. In this case, Abe's flunky went on the Sunday news shows and claimed the misunderstanding was because there are many definitions of the word coercion. He did not give Abe's definition in any of the reports that I have read, however.

Abe simply said what he believes. He was telling the truth in his, and many other Japanese leaders', opinion. An opinion based on the extreme, xenophobic, nationalist right's view of history.

Oh Wait!! This morning Abe claimed that the US resolution to ask Japan to apologize clearly for the the use of sex slaves, was not based on objective facts. Like his position is. See: Abe Says U.S. Resolution on Sex Slaves Lacks 'Objective Facts' from Bloomberg.

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