Thursday, March 01, 2007

Although Abe is a right wing nutjob, most Japanese

are not. His administration is sinking in popularity. His fixation on creating a "Beautiful Country" of nationalism mainly (only) for "pure" Japanese seems to be not at all popular. His idea of revising the constitution to what seems to be pre-war standards is of importance to only 6.2% of those who responded to a recent poll. If accurate, it is refreshing to know that only a minority of folks are actively hoping for a return to 1938.

Surprisingly, even the North Korea issue only comes in at 32.8% despite the government forcing NHK to concentrate on that issue, and the governments manipulation of facts and science regarding the same.

Even members of Abe's right wing LDP seem to have little respect for him as they were recently chewed out for not standing when Beautiful Abe entered the room.

Of course one of the problems with his lack of support, in addition to his total disregard of economic issues is the fact that other than trying to push the country to a nationalistic right, nobody can tell exactly what he plans to do. It's as if he thinks all he has to do is make folks very patriotic, reduce individual rights, and harp on North Korea and somehow everything will be ok. Japan will turn into a beautiful country. What does that really mean anyway? A beautiful country? Even he has not really be clear about it.

Japan Focus has an article about this, if they don't remove it HERE

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