Sunday, March 18, 2007

Every Sunday

there is a TV program on channel 12 in Kanto in which someone---usually a famous (or not) actor or actress---wanders around a small town out int the country somewhere asking if they can spend the night. Of course it is obviously already planned as the camera crew follows them around and the people being asked usually pay no mind to the camera---not even glancing at it.

It starts out as the person is refused a few times, then finally is allowed to stay a night with someone.

I like this program, even though it is a bit ridiculous, but I often tell my wife that I wanna run around and ask people to put me up over night. It might actually happen, I have heard/read of it before.

Anyway, what is really nice on this show is that the guests are served meals that one wouldn't likely get in a ryokan---a traditional inn. On tonight's show, not only did the woman get a good supper, she got a breakfast of shrimp the size of lobster (actually was lobster) and homemade tempura. That ain't exactly a normal breakfast in Japan or anywhere else.

Naturally, as happens every week, when it is time for the guest to leave, there will be extended goodbyes as they wave at one another until they are no longer in view. Sometimes for some reason (TV) the family who was visited, will follow hundreds of meters down the road waving. The the actor/guest always cries a bit at the end.

It is corny and goofy, but fun to watch.

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