Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bear season was in during this time. Saw a few hunters...only wish I could have joined them. Oops...politically incorrect for some. Posted by Hello

Notice the unusually blue lake Posted by Hello

Shizuoka again Posted by Hello

Autumn in Shizuoka mountains Posted by Hello

Monday, February 21, 2005

Knife control hits Japan

Everyone "knows" that Japan is "the safest country" in the universe. Of course, this is said to be partly because of strict gun control laws. Only the police, licensed hunters, the yakuza, and a select few privileged folks may possess a firearm. (Handguns basically outlawed except for the police and the yakuza.)

Unfortunately, there has been a series of murders recently using what must be assault knives. (Swords are also tightly controlled. Sorry, the samurai is long dead.) These are large kitchen knives apparently designed for only one purpose---to slice and stab. One wonders what an ordinary citizen needs with one. You can slice your sushi with a small knife. Well, finally a town has come to its senses and started a "registration" program for buyers of knives which are 15cm or more in length. One must provide his/her name, address, and the reason for purchasing a knife. It is about time we had sensible knife laws in this country. This should immediately reduce stabbing in Japan. As soon as someone about to commit murder tells them he needs one to kill people, the Japanese police will...will...never mind. They won't do anything until the murder occurs. Well, maybe the intended victim can be notified and she can flee for her life. Or, the potential killer would be forced to buy a 14.99 cm knife or smaller, with which he could not kill nor injure anything.

Thank goodness Japan is not like the U.S. where citizens have the right to own guns or even swords!!! If only the U.S. would follow Japan, outlaw guns except for a privileged few (and the Mafia and other organized crime groups), then get the knives. Then, the U.S. will be the "safest country" like Japan. It is so simple.

Friday, February 18, 2005

More state supported racism in Japan

Old news, but an interesting article of how the Japanese government signed the UN Convention on Racial Discrimination in 1995 and then continues to ignore or condon, or as below, even enforce racist policies.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Blinky Ishihara, the bigot imbecile's recent comment on

the case involving the woman of Korean descent being denied promotion by the Supreme Court (as I wrote about earlier congratulations to all Japapologists):

"Ms. Chong .... adding that when Tokyo Governor Ishihara Shintaro spoke about the case, he made the issue of nationality especially explicit: "He said something like, 'What if a decision about the life or death of a critically ill patient has to be made. How can we trust a foreign nurse?' That made me very angry, considering that it would not even be my decision, it would be a doctor's." (

Isn't it strange that when some rightwing neonazi nutcase makes such a racist, ignorant comment in Europe, the world jumps all over them. When it occurs---nearly daily---in Japan, there is not even a stir from the US, or Canada, or Britain, or Europe. Is it because we don't expect much from the Japanese anyway? Remember, the citizens of Tokyo overwhelmingly elected this idiot twice even though he has been known for this type of thoughts, writing, and comments for decades. They are utimately responsible. We must assume that he reflects the will of the majority. The Japanese should be held to the same standards as the rest of the modern world, and we need to stop making excuses for, and apologizing for them. Bigots and racists are bigots and racists. Period.

Look here for more on Japan's treatment for those of Korean descent.

Latest NHK TV history revisionist scandal

It has been all over the news over the last few months that NHK, the government controlled public TV station in Japan, censored a documentary about Japan's war crimes in WW2, particularly its abuse of so-called comfort women. (mainly Korean women forced into sexual slavery for the Japanese Imperial army. The Asahi Shimbun newspaper broke the story in which NHK executives went to two of the far right apologists for Japanese war time aggression and atrocities (one of whom is the grandson of a Class A war criminal) and basically groveled before these 2 thugs to get instructions on how to proceed.

There is nothing new here, no surprises. The only surprise would be if it were not true. But nearly every night, NHK broadcasts horse manure attacking the Asahi Shimbun and demanding to know why Asahi has not apologized. Short answer---no need to apologize for the truth. The question is, why doesn't NHK apologize and stop doing this type of thing? Answer, the rightist nutwing of the LDP would never allow it. Many Japanese refuse to pay the mandatory fee to NHK because of this type of activity. Have yet to meet anyone, Japanese or not who actually believes the NHK/LDP lies. Link to full discussion here:

Friday, February 11, 2005

Yokohama Bay

Bay area at night Posted by Hello

Yokohama Bay sunrise Posted by Hello

Yokohama sunrise from the 69th floor of the Landmark tower, the tallest building in Japan Posted by Hello

Sunrise over Yokohama Bay Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Congratulations to all Japanapologists

Earlier this week, the Japanese Supreme Court ruled that a woman born in Japan of a Japanese mother and a father of Korean descent could not take an exam for a government department promotion because only Japanese citizens can hold position of authority in the Japanese government. The court ruled that despite lower court rulings, the equal protection clause of the constitution didn't apply here. (See Wouldn't a person born in Japan automatically be a Japanese citizen, especially if one parent was a citizen? No, not in Japan. Anyway, Japaneseness is determined by blood. You see, the Japanese are a separate race from other people in Asia. Evidence? Sorry, you just don't understand Japan. You are a foreigner, a (baka) gaijin. It is impossible to understand Japan unless you are of "pure" Japanese blood.

So let's have more groveling apologies for Japanese bigotry from their foreign asskissers. I am sure all this can be explained away as due to Japan's "uniquely unique" culture. There is no racism in Japan, even the Japanese government says so.