Thursday, February 03, 2005

Congratulations to all Japanapologists

Earlier this week, the Japanese Supreme Court ruled that a woman born in Japan of a Japanese mother and a father of Korean descent could not take an exam for a government department promotion because only Japanese citizens can hold position of authority in the Japanese government. The court ruled that despite lower court rulings, the equal protection clause of the constitution didn't apply here. (See Wouldn't a person born in Japan automatically be a Japanese citizen, especially if one parent was a citizen? No, not in Japan. Anyway, Japaneseness is determined by blood. You see, the Japanese are a separate race from other people in Asia. Evidence? Sorry, you just don't understand Japan. You are a foreigner, a (baka) gaijin. It is impossible to understand Japan unless you are of "pure" Japanese blood.

So let's have more groveling apologies for Japanese bigotry from their foreign asskissers. I am sure all this can be explained away as due to Japan's "uniquely unique" culture. There is no racism in Japan, even the Japanese government says so.

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