Sunday, March 04, 2007

South Korea reacts to Tojo Abe's denials

and as expected, they ain't too happy. However, one has to assume the the Koreans and the Chinese know that Japan does not really accept any responsibility for its actions in WW2. The reason that it doctors its history books, elects nationalistic bigots and racists again and again, and gives unclear "apologies" and a minute later takes them back is because deep down inside, the elite crowd of LDP politicians do not at all regret anything they did in the war and consider it justified. I mean, they have been saying that for 60 years---it is time to accept that they mean what they say.

I assume the US has not really pushed Japan on any apologies because we think we need Japan as a half-assed, fair-weather, parasitic "ally" in northeast Asia. It never apologized for Pearl Harbor, for the Death March of Bataan, or anything else. We know it ain't sorry. Besides, we have a military here to keep an eye on the country so its top loonybirds can't go off and start another war easily. (That's our job.) Plus, Japan is very good at playing the A-bomb card against the US if we criticize it for it's atrocities too much. (Besides the deaths of civilians, one of the worst results of the atomic bombings is that it does allow Japan to play the special victim, the ultimate victim of the war and gets Japan a lot of support and sympathy for it from overseas, while" forgetting" exactly why the whole world was so pissed.)

Japan believes that it was the primary victim of WW2 and did little or no wrong. If it did wrong, it is the type of thing every country at war does, so nobody has the right to criticize Japan. It ain't sorry, so we all just ought to accept that fact. And Japan should quit all pretensions that it is.

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