Friday, March 16, 2007

Has the gutless grovel by the US Congress begun?

Maybe. One has to expect that Japanese money politics will have an effect like they always have. By god, the U.S. could not anger Japan!!! Just imagine, if American did so, Japan would close its wide-open market to us, withdraw its military support, trash the Security treaty in which Japanese are obliged to fight and die for the U.S.A., but America has no such obligation for Japan. Why, Japan might withdraw its political leadership and political cover for the U.S. too.

If all that happened, America would lose its biggest market for its services and products, have to establish its own military defense, and have to actually be responsible for its comments and action worldwide, and take the hits when it wasn't.

Or have I got that backwards?

Anyway, we had one of our congressmen explain that the house resolution on the WW2 sex-slave issue was not intended to embarrass "Beautiful Country" Abe. I don't know why he had to bother with that comment. Abe did not give a f**k if he embarrassed the U.S. Congress, or more importantly the victims of Japan's sex slavery by in effect, calling them liars. Before it its over, we may just join in with Abe, Ishihara et al and claim there were no sex slaves. Hell, there wasn't even a war! The only thing that happened is that Japan was viciously attacked for no reason by evil foreigners led by the U.S. and atomic bombs.

If they had no guts, and one should have expected that they didn't when faced with ¥¥¥、
then why even bother to waste all the time and tax payer money? They surely did not believe that Japan was going to apologize anyway, I hope. If they did, then they were, and are, a bunch of fools.

Perhaps this is reading too much into the statement, but this sort of thing has happened again and again with the Congress or White House in the past.

A resolution pending in the U.S. Congress to seek Japan's apology for forcing foreign women into sexual servitude for its military during the war is not intended to embarrass Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the head of a House Foreign Affairs Committee panel considering the motion said Tuesday.

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