Sunday, March 04, 2007

Abe's Denial

has gotten a little more exposure in the US. The Washington Post published a story about this and one of the interesting things is in the comments section by readers is the childish attempt by someone with a Japanese sounding name to deny that any such crimes took place:

Accoding [sic] to the Feb. 13, 2003 digital Chosun Ilbo, the largest newspaper company in South Korea, the number of criminals who committed perjury in South Korea, on a populaion [sic] basis, was 671 times as many as that in Japan. It mentioned that South Koreans have a strong tendency to tell a lie [sic] in non-criminal trial because of no strict investigation of testimony.

By htamashiro2003 | Mar 2, 2007 7:38:30 A


According to the October 7, 2004 digital Chosun Ilbo, which is the largest newspaper company in South Korea, about 3,000 South Korean prostitutes got together from several cities and demonstrated for the right to life [huh?]in front of the South Korean parliament building in Seoul. What we can learn from the news is that South Korea is one of the biggest countries in the world[sic] where so many women are working as professional prostitutes. When we think of the truth on the comfort women issue, this traditional culture of prostitution in Korea is very helpful to find truths about the issue. Anyway, it is true that there have been so many professional prostitutes throughtout [sic] Korean history. And it is also helpful to know that South Koea [sic] has established the Ministry for Women about 10 years ago, which is specialized in eliminating the serious and traditional discrimination against women. What we can learn from these factors about Korea is that its very likely Korean comfort women before 1945 working for Japanese soldiers were professional ones too.

By htamashiro2003

These are rebuttals? Or the inane babbling of a rightist nutjob? They are illogical nonsense which don't even address the issue at hand, hell they aren't even good red herrings, (as in logical fallacy) but as Masahiko Fujiwara has said, logic doesn't really work, especially in Japan. Of course this could just be someone claiming to be Japanese who is not in order to discredit Japan even further.

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