Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last day of the year

It wasn't so long ago that New Year in Tokyo was a very quiet, pleasant time. It still is, people are much more relaxed and most places are less crowded. However, more people seem to be staying in town instead of leaving Tokyo to visit family.

This morning, we tried to go to the basement food section of Takashimaya in FUtakotamaga. It opened at 10, but by the time we got there at 10:20 was packed like a can of sardines. Could barely get through. Even my wife, who has much more patience with those things than I do gave up after just buying some mochi. Since grocery stores in Denenchofu will be open tomorrow, we can get more food then if needed. We did later get plenty for today.

One thing about New Year holidays in Japan is that the New Year food available. I love all of it. It makes of for no real Christmas in Japan.

Now, if enough people really have left Tokyo, the air will be cleaner and we'll be able to see such things as mountains and even Fujisan from Tokyo. Not a common sight.

In fact, it was visible on Thursday evening from the Tama River.

Tonight, just before midnight, they'll be ringing the bells in temples to mark the end of the year and begining of the next. Usually, we watch on TV, but since we now live near a temple, we might just go there and watch...

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