Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dignity of an Old Man with a Hilarious Comb-over

Masahiko Fujiwara, he of the retro-grouch anti-democracy, pro-elite bureaucrat directed government based on bushido, and author of the book espousing those views; The Dignity of a State showed up on TV the other day. The word dignity won some sort of award for one of the words of the year, and he appeared on screen. I had never actually seen him on TV before, so it was quite a surprise to see that he was a guy with one of those now unique Japanese comb-overs. Every time I see one of those things, I have to wonder how anyone could actually wear it? Most everyone laughs at those old-fashioned comb-overs because they make the wearer look like a vain fool denying reality. The reality is: You are going bald! Leave it alone, wear a hat, or just shave it all off.

How anyone could wear his hair like that and talk about dignity is beyond me. I guess he wasn't including his appearance in his books theme though. Hell, a samurai generally shaved his noggin' on top---why not ol' Bushi-wara? Perhaps it is because Japan is the only country with four seasons and he would get brain frost if he left it uncovered.

I just don't understand, not having the sensitivity of a Pure-blood Japanese, I guess. But one thing is for sure, he'll never be able to get a job as an English teacher in Japan because he would lose out competing with the cutsies below---but then again, he don't like that thar English larnin' for young 'uns nohow..

OK, this was a cheap shot, an ad hominin attack. I couldn't resist, though. And since Fujiwara more or less says that logic is not something one can trust, a few logical fallacies should be acceptable.

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