Saturday, December 09, 2006

The racist bigot Shintaro "Blinky"Ishihara to run again

Ishihara has decided to run for a 3rd term as governor of Tokyo and is already the front runner.

"The hawkish governor, notorious for racist and sexist remarks, has been under fire recently for spending too much on an official visit overseas and for calling the victims of bullying weak. But he is already the front-runner in the race" Quoted from the Japan Times. Read the full article HERE.

Let's see. Who is it who supports a governor "notorious for racist and sexist remarks"? The citizens of Tokyo? But, there is no racism in Japan! How could he be a front runner again? How could Tokyo citizens support a racist for governor? Well, a lot of Japanese politicians make racist remarks and none has ever been forced out of office for it. Some will make some fake, half-assed "apology" in which they admit no wrong if enough pressure is applied, usually from outside of Japan. The average Japanese citizen doesn't seem to be too concerned. Could racism be a non-issue here?

Now if Japan is a democracy and its citizens keep electing racists, one has to soon or later assume that this indicates the will of the majority of the voting public. It might even hint that perhaps, just perhaps, racism DOES exist here, and could possibly even be widespread. Imagine that!!

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