Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another Appointee of "Beautiful Country" Abe has

resigned. Seems he was involved in fund-raising irregularities. Being a bit less than honest and moral perhaps. Now we can see why Abe has pushed the education reform law which emphasized nationalism, and group over the individual. He just has another appointee resign because he was living in government housing with his mistress. Definitely un-bushidoistic. Old hilarious comb-over
Masahiko "Dignity" Fujiwara must be pulling his hair out. No, wait, it's already gone!

...the recent scandals, including the use of government "plants" at town hall meetings to speak in favor of government policies, point to a larger problem. "Prime Minister Abe has exposed his incompetence and lack of leadership, and is increasing public distrust in politics day by day"...from the Japan Times HERE.

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