Saturday, December 02, 2006

Cute professionals

Earlier, I wrote about what is required by most eikaiwa companies in Japan (even some of those who call themselves business English,communication/skills schools are just eikaiwa done on company premises) to "teach" in Japan.

Many teachers have their different opinions of what is needed. Perhaps they are right. While some folks think that the physical appearance of the student is very important in determining how to teach them, the cuteness of the teacher is apparently high on the list at some places too.

An ad placed by a cute guy looking for a teaching job in Tokyo:

31 Attractive male from Canada with 3 years teaching experience is looking to teach English part time or full time in Tokyo.

and another beauty:

Experienced, enthusiastic and good looking male teacher, 24 years old...

Let's not leave out the hot babes either:

Good looking, experienced, and enthusiastic female teacher, 24, available for work in mid-October or early November...

From a job site for people seeking work in Japan. Haven't seen any for well-hung teachers, or big-boobed ones yet, but I'll keep watching. Strangely, in most countries being cute is not something most folks would use to market themselves to employers---a least not in teaching.

There is no doubt that TEFL in Japan in most of these places is an intelligent career-advancing move for serious, professionally-minded achievers. Or perhaps the only real option for most English speaking foreigners in Japan.

You can place your ad there too.

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