Friday, December 08, 2006


I took this last Sunday for level 2 after starting to seriously study for it in July. Naturally, it wasn't long enough since I only had a limited time to study. It didn't take long for focusing on grammar and Kanji to get old.

Since listening (to CDs and tapes) was my weak point before, I practiced that a lot. Believe me, listening to that kind of stuff will put you to sleep fast. The hard part is to develop the concentration to listen carefully enough to all the questions on the test. I think I did reasonably well on that part. The reading part was not so bad, especially since I like to read and finding interesting things to read and practice with is not as hard as finding something to listen to.

Grammar, vocabulary, and some of the kanji may have done me in. I doubt if i got the required 60% on all parts. My teacher told me that it is very rare for anyone to pass on the first try as a way of cheering me up. I don't really care if I pass the test, it's main purpose for me was motivation. Studying for, and passing that test still doesn't mean you can speak at the same level you can test-take at.

The only thing I got was the worst cold I have had in several years. Forty of the apx 50 in the room must have had one. Well, there is next year to look forward to. I ain't gonna start specifically studying for the test again for a few months. More interested in regular Japanese classes which I will start up again in January.

Thinking of starting Chinese too. Supposedly, learning a second foreign language is easier than learning the first. I doubt it, but why not try?

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