Friday, December 15, 2006

A vote of no confidence in Abe

Seems his (and Fujiwara's) vision of an increasing nationalist--sorry patriotic Japan is no especially shared by the whole government. The main opposition parties have filed a no confidence vote against the cabinet of Abe-sama. The idea of forcing "patriotism" in schools is repulsive to some. Japan went done that road prior to its initiation its aggression in China and ultimately WW2.

Japan's opposition parties filed a no-confidence motion in the lower house of parliament against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet in an effort to block a bill calling for promoting patriotism in the nation's schools. The four groups, including the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan, filed a motion protesting the rigging of town meetings held during the previous administration.
Bloomberg News.

I predict that the opposition will ultimately fail. It will be so nice if I am wrong, but I doubt I will be. I can't imagine the public at large getting much involved.

Abe, Saving Japan and the world with good old Japanese Bushido.

7:01PM update: The LDP, and the Diet has passed the new education law requiring more "patriotism" in education. It is the first revision in the education law since 1947. According to NHK evening news, the laws requires school principles to rate/grade children on patriotism (CORRECTION 17 Dec: It will not require grading, although many parents and teachers fear it ultimately will.) . One school principle said it would be difficult to determine a child's--especially grade school children's level of patriotism. BANAZAI!!!BANZAI!!! Perhaps, that is a bit harsh. We will see.

In addition, the Self Defense Forces (the military which is not a military because it would be unconstitutional if it were) will now officially achieve the status of a ministry. Its head will be referred to as the Defense Minister. Remember, this is different than say the US in which the Department of Defense includes the military. Again: Japan has no military, just guys with battleships, heavy weapons, small arms, combat aircraft, tanks etc. It's only for self-defense and hiding behind Dutch forces in Iraq and more or less being restricted to base except when digging holes in the sand for wells.

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