Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Abe and his goals

Being on vacation, I try NOT to pay attention to Japanese politics very much. you know, like Last Samurai Tom Cruise, I am trying to become more Japanese than the Japanese.

However, Japanese Focus has a new article out about Abe's "soft mood" and the rightward rush of Japan. This addresses the revision of the Fundamental Law of Education. For as long as the article is up, you can read it HERE. (article 2302)

An excerpt about some of Abe's cabinet's views:

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Shimomura Hakubun would suggest (as he did in October) that the government rescind its official apology, issued in 1993, for the suffering of the estimated 200,000 Asian women who were forced to serve as “comfort women” for the Japanese Imperial Army.


A recent analysis in the weekly Shukan Kinyobi revealed that 22 of 25 diet members in Abe’s Cabinet, the cabinet secretariat, and his core advisory staff are members of one or both of two ultranationalist alliances within the Diet

Did I mention Japan's rightward rush? Wonder why China (in addition to its own political motives) does not believe that Japan was sincere in its apologies for WW2 atrocities?

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