Friday, January 12, 2007

Living in Japan, the things that the Japanese government does has more of a direct effect on my life than what the US government does. Since I am a legal, long-term resident of Japan which is still a democracy despite the objections of the neo-bushidoists like Fujiwara Masahiko, I do have a right and duty to be involved.

Despite my and others concerns about the direction in which Japan is heading, the bigger danger at present is the direction in which the USA is heading (and has gone). The disgusting spectacle of Saddam Hussein's hanging, in addition to being embarrassing---if not scandalous to America, was about the final straw for any hopes of success in Iraq. This is the "young democracy" we have put in place? We allowed a rush to hang Hussein before he even answered for other crimes, and then let a bunch of amateur-hour thugs make a mass murderer look dignified and sympathetic. It's obvious that whatever a democracy is, we aren't going to get much a one in Iraq for years if ever.

Now Bush is threatening---and taking---action against Iran. I have no doubt that Iran is involved in supporting the insurgency in Iraq. I have no doubt that Iran is pleased with the situation there and rejoices over the killing of American troops and Iraqi Sunni civilians. The problem is, is it worth expanding this war to hinder Iran's support? We know we aren't going to stop it.

Most Democrats have no plans, all they can do is oppose everything Bush comes up with and make various proposals of how we can cut and run now that we have destroyed the Iraq that existed before 2003. (Is what exists now better?) I have hopes that Joe Biden is different (he is seriously thinking) as are a few other Democrats and hopefully some Republicans(John McCain) and that maybe they can come up with some real ideas---if that is even possible any longer.

We cannot just blame Bush and the Republicans as many, if not most, Democrats voted for the war. John Kerry was the top shameless hypocrite who did so. And American citizens ARE responsible. Bush said before the war that it would be long and difficult. Apparently, many thought that was a joke. We are now morally responsible for what happens in Iraq, just as we are responsible for the mocking, sleazy execution of Saddam. We let it happen, we let it go forward, even if we did not spring the trap door. We DID invade Iraq looking for weapons which did not exist.

I once was able to explain most of what the US was doing internationally, even if I did not agree with it. I no longer can. What can we say about the mess of Hussein's rushed execution? How can we explain invading another country against the will of most of the rest of the world when that country did NOT pose an immediate threat? How can I criticize the actions of Japan in WW2 when we are doing things which are obviously immoral. Granted, in general the US will try its own soldiers as war criminals, while Japan never has, but that is not enough of a defense. (I gotta wonder if we would try one of our politicians as a war criminal. Tough for a democracy since that might make those who elected him or her equally guilty). Any criticism of Japan is answered with "Ahh, but your country has XYZ too, so you cannot say anything about Japan. It's all OK, everyone does it."

Fujiwara rejects logic, rationality and reason in his book. He should be pleased with Bush and Americans now.

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