Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Food companies and old ingredients.

Once again, a major Japanese food producer has been caught using old milk---past its expiration date---and other old ingredients of questionable saftey in food. Several years ago, Snow (brand) milk was caught re-packaging expired milk and selling it as new. Now Fujiya, a major confectioner has been caught using old milk. They used old milk, old eggs, and old jam to make cakes and pastries. The management knew about this, but kept it quiet for a period because nobody got sick. It did NOT recall a single product until the practice of producing unsafe food with bacterial levels above government standards was disclosed.

This is quite a shock as I always hear from folks that Japanese food is the safest in the world. Everyone trusts Japanese food. Even thought his type of thing repeatedly occurs. But it's not really a problem of course, because in your country---whichever it is---there have been food safety problems too. Therefor, Japan's problem is nothing special, and nobody--especially non-Japanese, have any right to say anything. Just be a happy boy or girl and repeat how wonderful and unique (and incomprehensible to others) Japan is.

Anyway, the president will resign---they always do and then take another position in the company. The article is in the Japan Times here.

Precce (Tokyu) does something strange with its milk nearing its expiration date too as I wrote about earlier here.

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