Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Weirdo Japan, part 120 million

First read this post:

News of the Weird phenomenon is when we easily dismiss bizarre incidents from our own society, because we know they originated in a minor subculture, were committed by people with some kind of problem, were done by a marginalized group such as “rednecks” or criminals or fringe political elements, etc. However, we don’t have the same insider knowledge about “weird news” from most other cultures. As a result, when we read something sensational or peculiar, our attempts to practice cultural relativism kick into overdrive and we may accept the item as representative rather than anomalous....Talk to the Clouds

then watch this.

Or visa versa.

And I am joining the evil MSM in posting this. You can bet that some people overseas will see this and believe it to be true about Japan in the same way that some people here will read Fujiwara's The Dignity of the Nation and other nonsense and believe it has something to say about the US or other foreign countries.

Correct. I've nothing better to do...

Apologies to Our Man for using something from R. Murdoch's company. Blame Twitter.


  1. Thanks for the link! Your blog looks really interesting and entertaining; I'm spending a relaxing day at home, so I'm looking forward to checking it out.

  2. Thanks for writing that post. Now if only people, both here, and the States, and everywhere else understood that...

  3. Jeffrey8:03 AM

    Yet, this really is part of the larger otaku culture and the general cluelessness of the Japanese male, which leads us into the whole morass of declining marriage and birthrates in Japan.

    I wouldn't be too concerned about what Americans think about this particular video clip as few even know that the WSJ produces these. In fact, except for otaku/anime/cosplay sub-culture, Japan is pretty much off the radar here except being spanked about falling behind China in GDP (as opposed to the much more meaningful per capita GDP) and the yen soaring against the dollar. Haven't heard a peep, for example, about "uncontrolled acceleration" and problems with Toyotas for months.