Friday, September 10, 2010

Maybe Ozawa challenging Kan ain't so bad after all. I have heard and read some discussion about the debates between Kan and Ozawa being a rare opportunity in Japan. They have certainly been of a different tenor than the arguments heard from the LDP as of late. If one can hear any arguments from the LDP.

Ozawa, who rightly or wrongly has gotten a lot of criticism for being selfish (not only from the media, but from regular voters), has an excerpted interview in Mainichi in which he criticizes the enshrinement of Class A war criminals at Yasukuni and again shows support for voting rights for permanent residents in local elections. He also addresses Futenma, although there is nothing new in what he says about that issue. Basically, it's a problem that need to be solved and requires the involvement of the US government and Okinawan residents:

Concerning Futenma, we have no choice but to come up with a good idea for settling the issue through talks with Okinawa residents and the U.S. government. We can't come up with any idea without talking with them. Mainichi

The excerpts offer nothing new or earth shattering, but one could believe that should Ozawa win, things would still be much better than any current alternative party. Of course the problem is, how will voters react if he become head of the DPJ and prime minister. Folks I talk to are not enthusiastic.

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