Friday, September 03, 2010

"Andy Warhol politics"

The Pink Paper pretty much nailed the feeling, if not the reality, of what Gerald Curtis called a creative destruction era of Japanese politics (I do wonder though, what is creative about it?) and the revolving-door prime ministership:

The situation is so dire that Japan – still one of the most prosperous and technologically advanced economies in the world – is now routinely underestimated... ...Perhaps more alarmingly, many of its own people seem resigned to being second best. Financial Times

Some of the folks I talk to believe that second best is unrealistically optimistic (edited to add: meaning that the sense of resignation is very real.)

Blogger spell check does not recognize prime ministership as a word. It does suggest however, ministers-hip.


  1. Japan has been in a lot of trouble for many years now and the continuing political turmoil is never ending.

  2. I know...I hope this is the rough beginning of a new, more responsive and representative system that gives people some hope that their vote actually means much. I hope...

  3. Jeffrey7:53 AM

    The Japanese government is beginning to resemble post-war Italy's with its 40 odd prime ministers in 39 years or whatever it was. I really miss the Bubble Era, even if it was all a house of cards. But Japan was damned fun in those high-spending, can-do Charisma Man days!

  4. Unfortunately, I first moved here in late 1991 (returning to the US from 1994-2000) after the Bubble, just about the time the collapse was starting be felt. I regrettably missed the Charisma Man era, but since I was married, I suppose I would have not been able to take advantage of it anyway. If the economy can't recover, I still hope to get a shot at a return of the Charisma Man era.