Monday, September 13, 2010

Ozawa, the Pinko Commie

It seems that the esteemed Washington Post published an idiotorial on the DPJ contest on Saturday. We don't know who wrote the piece, but I suspect that person may actually be a Ozawa mole sent to the Post in order to prove Ozawa's statement that Americans are "simple-minded." (WTF do we keep talking about monocellular? Is this the equivalent of goofily literal "Honorable teacup" type translating?)

[Ozawa] in his current incarnation he is less friendly to the U.S.-Japan alliance, and more attracted to China's dictatorship, than most Japanese leaders...Washington Post

Thank goodness we still have Old-School news media like Rush Limbaugh and talk radio, The Washington Times, and the editorial page of the Washington Post to keep us informed. I had never heard nor read anything from Ozawa that indicated he was "attracted to China's dictatorship." Unfortunately, the Post provided no links to check out that assertion.

Things do not bode well for the DPJ and the US government in the future no matter who wins if Japan in any way rocks the "alliance" boat. Where is "Change" Obama??????

Why am I always the last to know? More here and here.

By the way, isn't the Post's online site one of the worst of the "newspaper" sites on the web?

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