Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The (only) land of four seasons

Ahhh. September has arrived. Soon we will be enjoying autumn with its cool, crisp nights (in Tokyo? Are you insane?) and mild, warm days. The less sensitive were unable to discern the beginning of the change in seasons today, 'cause after the hottest August since 1946, it was just another 34+ degree day in Tokyo.

Unlike me, some have sense enough to avoid the sun.


  1. Was a nice coolish breeze this morning - nice to see that autumn is coming.

    As far as the title of your post, I don't get that - I've had students write that before, that Japan has four seasons. Do Japanese people learn somewhere that Japan is unique in that regard, or do they just assume?

  2. It's a very common belief, although nobody is "officially" taught that in school. It's part of the myth of nihonjinron. Some just tend to accept it even though anyone who watches TV or movies ought to know it isn't true.

    I think it shows a lot more than just a simple belief in a myth.