Friday, September 24, 2010

Six years and this is my most popular post?

My Yes Man, Males Escorts, and the English Conversation Club.

I still get 10-15 or more visits to that post every single day, 3 years after I wrote it as more or less a joke. I am sorry.

I am sorry to say that guys hoping to come to Japan and make a million yen being a male escort/English conversation host might just make a million yen should such a job exist. Of course, you will starve on a million yen too.

Those golden years are over. Forget it. The odds of getting women to pay you large globs of money to do nothing other than chat them up in English and then take them to a love hotel for a bit of fun is about a gazillion to one. Were it possible, I would have tried it myself.*

Ain't gonna happen now, if it ever did. And really, look in the mirror and ask yourself why any woman would pay you for that. Would women where you are from pay you just to chat and bed them? If yes, take a shot. If not, gomen ne...

Should I be wrong, please put me in contact with one of those establishments.

Sept 25: I have learned that there are some bars call b*tl*r bars where one might find employment as a host, though I am not so sure that foreign men who don't speak Japanese could work there. And I hear they wouldn't want to even if they could.

*The One With Whom I Share a Mansion probably would not have objected much back in the day had I got "big money" for it. Now she would probably try to sell me to such a place for about ¥300.


  1. Long gone, with the days of Charisma Men?

  2. Yeah, I wrote about 3 post about chikan (subway gropers) and they continue to be the number one accruing posts. They (those visitors) must be disappointed when they arrive and find no pics, no video, just a long-winded essay on the daily pervs and my internal struggle against my efforts to bring myself to intervene. No wonder my google bounce rate is so high (50% and up) It's these guys bouncing in a matter of seconds. Oh well. Nice post. I was actually thinking about doing one on this same phenomenon. (you know, to boost my numbers by talking about chikan again) LOL

  3. Blue Shoe: Maybe so, but I have been hearing something about a return of Charisma Man.

    Loco: Yea I thought that if I mentioned it again, then I'd get even more traffic from it. My next step might be to delete the whole mess.

    I once wrote a post which included the word "crossdressing" and worried I'd get hundreds of guys looking for Japanese crossdressers. Didn't happen though.