Monday, June 08, 2009

Weirdo Japan story from the US, again......

This made the weirdo news run in Japan too, though I'd take it as the typical entertainment fluff. Could be wrong though.

And so could she:

Fukasawa [Who coined the term "Herbivore Men"] estimated some 20 percent of men are what she would call "herbivorous" and said their attitudes were influencing others. Indeed, she said, it was a return to the norm for Japanese men, rather than a departure.

"It was after World War II and the post-war economic growth that Japanese men gained the reputation as a sex animal through the competition with the West. Looking back beyond that time, older literature talks a lot about men with the kind of character we see in the herbivorous boys." CNN

After WW2? Before that men were passive guys not interested in sex? What about Genji of the Tale of Genji? Why where'd Lady Murasaki get the idea for his character? Not interested in money? How did the samurai get indebted to the merchant class if nobody was interested in money? Must of been the women's fault.

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