Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tiananmen debate at NYT

It's obvious that to many, the killing of Chinese citizens in June 1989 by the PLA is not universally seen as an evil.

Nicholas Khristof's Answering Your China Questions at the NYT has comments by folks who hold differing views:

Mr. kristof, I can’t believe that you’re so ignorant you said university students nowadays don’t know the names like Wang Dan in China. How many students have you talked to? As I know, most of my classmates and friends in university watched vedios about the Tiananmen Square,...Baowei

...we Chinese must be doing something very right. Is that because our undemocratic government did not screw up the economy? Or is that your universal human rights idea is neither universal nor human, and we are the foremost counter example? "A Chinese."

...What started as a legitimate protest by the students was quickly taken over by the CIA thugs who wanted to fish in a revolt river, but since the Chinese Government knew better, these CIA criminals failed miserably. "Mella"

...not a single comment to the effect of ‘let us honor the memory of the innocent dead that fell in Beijing twenty years ago’...Lei

Another historical event has become something which didn't happen, or if it did was completely exaggerated, or was caused by foreigners and will be a subject of endless debate.

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