Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another overseas organ transplant

Eleven-year-old Hiroki Ando will likely die if he does not get a new heart.

Hiroki suffers from cardiomyopathy, which inflames and impairs the heart. The same disease killed his sister five years ago.

He's under 15 which under current law prohibits him from getting a transplant in Japan---however his folks and others were able to raise enough money to get him sent to New York where he is awaiting the transplant. I think the CNN headline Boy not allowed to get life-saving transplant in Japan is true but somewhat misleading since it makes it seem like he's in Japan dying at the hands of some cold-hearted bureaucrat. Gets folks to read it though, and I suppose that's the point.

An amendment to eliminate the age restrictions is currently being debated in the Diet.

He has a "diary" on his mother's blog, which is written simply enough that even I can read it.

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