Friday, June 05, 2009

Old news about Roos

Spending days avoiding non-work related computer stuff has some benefits. One can actually read a book, for example. Unfortunately, it also results in missing a lot, sorta like living in the past. That isn't necessarily all bad, but the the past of the 21st century seems to be about 3 days ago instead of the years and decades we used to think of as the past.

On second thought on the now ancient news about John Roos, maybe the appointment of a unknown with no specific knowledge of Japan as US Ambassador to Japan is not a big deal. After all, one of the early Japan apologists and US Ambassador, Edwin O. Reischauer, was often said to be confused about which country he represented---Japan or the US. Don't think we need another of those. On the other hand, I have heard that Roos was handed one of Reischauer's books to bone up on Japan. Oh, goody.

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