Sunday, June 14, 2009

Or maybe not...Bobbsey Twins in the DPJ's future

The rumor of the LDP's K. Hatoyama and the DPJ's Y. Hatoyama joining together in the DPJ continue:

..."If the DPJ secures a majority in the election, Kunio would have a good chance of getting a key post"...

Signaling their increasing closeness, the Hatoyama brothers formed a political school last year called Hatoyama Yuai Juku (Hatoyama Fraternity School) to promote a philosophy of fraternity as advocated by their grandfather, with the aim of creating a society based on love and happiness...Japan Times.

Kumbaya. The future is bright. Kunio is here to stay. I wonder if his stand on the Japan Post Holdings mess was due to principles or something less noble?

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