Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rightwing nutter victory. Part II

Unfortunately, the April 1 story was not an April Fool's joke:

A campaign of harassment by nationalists has led several cinemas to cancel screenings of an award-winning movie about Yasukuni Shrine, the controversial memorial that venerates Japan's war dead and war criminals alike.

..."We had to give up [on showing the film] because we could not guarantee the safety of our staff."

... many here say officials contributed to the backlash against the film. In March, a group of lawmakers demanded an advance screening of "Yasukuni," ostensibly to determine whether its production was an appropriate use of public finds.
LA Times.

The thugs win again. Former PM Abe's "Beautiful Country" fellow travelers are still hard at work. Yes, the crowd that Abe courted with his absurd claims of Japanese military innocence in recruiting and forcing women into sexual slavery during WW2. These groups seem to have an awful lot of power for people who supposedly represent a minority view. Of course the right-wing has been in bed with the LDP since the party's creation. Without the extreme right-wing, would there even be an LDP? By extreme right, I mean the emperor worshiping, war crime deniers.

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