Thursday, April 03, 2008

More "discipline" is the answer

to crimes by a very few in the military:

...Mr. Schieffer expressed his “deep regret and sorrow for the murder that occurred here.” Describing the killing as a “terrible event” and “terrible stain,” Mr. Schieffer promised to take measures to prevent future incidents.

The mayor said it was “extremely regrettable” that a United States serviceman had committed a crime despite Yokosuka’s past requests that the American military strengthen discipline.

On Wednesday night, the Navy said it would restrict the nighttime movement of its personnel at Yokosuka and the sale of alcohol until Monday... NYTonline

Everyone, including Ambassador Schieffer, the mayor, and the Navy knows that this sort of action is just meaningless diplobabble. Pure nonsense. They apparently think someone on this planet is stupid enough to believe that such a thing is possible or (or if so, that it would be fair to the rest of the people in the military.) OK, there are some who are that dumb.

The real answer: Pull the US out of Japan and rewrite the security treaty to require a more equal relationship (for example, Japan will spill blood to assist the US in some situations like the US is bound to do for Japan now.) This will not happen. We will hear more horsepooky like the above. Nothing effective will be done.

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