Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nutjob Watch: Mixed reactions for Yasukuni

A special preview of the film Yasukuni was provided yesterday for groups of rightwingers in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Some of the fine fellows were miffed and wanted the film banned:

... the movie should not be shown in Japan because it would give the impression that the war Japan waged was an act of aggression.

My god no! Everyone knows that it was a war of compassion
. Even the recent beating of young Japanese protesters by rightwingers at Yasukuni as shown in the film was an act of kindness.

Others were less enthusiastic about censoring free speech:

"Let many people see this film. . . . We need to let people know such an anti-Japanese film was produced with their tax money said an executive of a rightwing group.

We do not know (yet) if any LDP politicians were there to stir things up.

Article by Takahiro Fukuda at at The Japan Times Online.

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