Thursday, April 17, 2008


The government will expand the number of official Japanese-language education facilities overseas to about 100 from 10 in the next three years to cope with rising demand for courses and to counter the spread of Chinese language and culture abroad. (Emphasis mine.) Japan Times Online.

The government is also planning to institute language proficiency requirements for long-term residents in Japan via a test of readin' , grammar, and listenin' skills. No assessment of actual communicative skills is as of yet being considered as far as I know.

Is this demand being created by the proposed new test? Who are the people demanding these courses? Are they really people interested in manga? Are there big lines of people waiting to get into Japan for jobs as it declines? Where were these schools in the 80s when demand was huge? How could this counter the spread the language and culture of a country (China) rising in power and influence in favor of a country in which many of the leaders and elites have proposed giving up?

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