Friday, April 11, 2008

Hatoyama shows his love for human life

We all remember a few months ago when he said that Japan executes people, because it values human life much more than Europe does. He had also complained that signing death warrants was a bit troublesome for him and that there should be some sort of automatic process---I imagine a conveyor belt from the courtroom to the gallows....

Hatoyama apparently took time out from conversations with his al Qaeda connections and signed the death warrants even though doing so was a bit of a bother. Four inmates, whom if truly guilty, are hard to feel any sympathy for were hanged yesterday in Tokyo.

Hatoyama made the "solemn" announcement at a news conference. He has changed the old policy of the government killing inmates without bothering to give their names. Those are now being released to the media.

Japan Times Story here.

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