Thursday, April 03, 2008

I wanna say give him the rope

But I am not such a big proponent of the death penalty anymore.

In addition to killing a man, this murderer has done damage to the image of the military and the US among many (and not only Japanese) in Japan. He was already AWOL before he stabbed a man to death. Obviously, he was less than representative of anything other than a crook even before he killed. Oh please, let's not hear about some childhood issue that makes this all understandable.

The sailor suspected of murdering a cab driver has confessed to U.S. military investigators. Now a confession does not mean someone is actually guilty unless evidence supports the confession and the investigators followed the law during the investigation. (5 April: under US law, not necessarily Japanese law) He has not been convicted yet. So I am taking a leap in saying that he is a murdering sleazeball. I will have to add the word "alleged."

Article here.

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