Monday, March 10, 2008

Solomons Prime Minister Derek Sikua is a big fibber

according to Hideki Moronuki, of the Japan's Fisheries Association. PM Sikua had been reported as saying that Japan had offered to pay to send the Solomon Island's delegates to the International Whaling Commission meeting in London last week, but that he declined the payment and thus did not send representatives.

Moronuki (no, Moronuki is not long for "moron." Pardon, childish.) said, "There is no truth to it." "Japan has never made any offer at all to pay costs." Story at AFP.

This could be another case like that of the former sex slaves of the Japanese Imperial Army during WW2, who have been claiming that the military systematically set up the sex slave abductions and the whole business. Those women were either lying, got too old to remember what really happened, misunderstood what was really going on, or were just professional whores anyway who were well-paid to happily provide their services. Maybe it's the same thing with Prime Minister Sikua except for the latter since he said that he refused payment.

I am glad to see the Japan "with a spine" and Aso is not even PM yet. Japan as professional victim may be ending, although you have to admit that Japan is a victim of an untruth here.

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