Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let's quit since our leadership has no new ideas

Japan faces a raft of problems related to its place in a changing world that are all likely to get remorselessly more difficult and exacerbated by the triple whammy of an aging and declining population and high government debts. There are measures that could be taken, including greater participation in the economy by women, careful restructuring to encourage consumption, and greater immigration....

.... Japanese media regularly forgets that a free press doing its job properly should be constantly questioning the government and bureaucracy, raising the issues that officialdom would rather see buried, promoting debate and exploring all the options....Kevin Rafferty, Japan Times.

or the old fogies running the country should give up and take Japan back to a mythical past. After all, they have already got theirs. Screw the next generations.

...Nowadays, Ms. Bando [the ex- government bureaucrat author of "The Dignity of a Woman"] believes that a “society in which everyone can lead modest little lives isn’t bad, though it’s not an attractive way of thinking”...

...Japan, in the past, was more open to challenges, she said. “But,” she added, “once you reach a certain level, challenges and competition aren’t necessarily a plus anymore.” Norimitsu Onishi NYTimes.

Isn't that level called death?

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