Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's too good. I didn't think of this, but I wish that I had:

....Senator Clinton’s assertion that she was qualified to be commander in chief, and that John McCain had also “certainly” crossed that “threshold,” but that the jury was still out on Mr. Obama.

In other words, if a choice on national security had to be made today between Senators Obama and McCain, voters — according to Mrs. Clinton’s logic — should choose Senator McCain. From Bob Herbert in the Washington Post.

Hillary Clinton? The one who now opposes the war that she voted for after declining to read the report on Iraq available to all U.S. Senators? The report that (as I recall) only six senators read, and all six of them voted against the war. Hillary is qualified? Obama is not? A bit confusing here, but wrestling with a pig probably isn't so straightforward.

Later Herbert writes:

We have seen election after election in which candidates have won by fanning the anxieties of voters. Elect me, or something terrible will happen to you!

How true. And if Hillary gets her way it will continue that way for the next 8 years.

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