Thursday, March 20, 2008

You don't wanna be arrested in Japan

as the chance of time in the slammer is very, very high. Arrested=guilty in most cases. Unless, perhaps, you are a rapist:

Crimes by women and crimes against women in Japan receive uneven coverage in the press. Female suspects, particularly those charged with serious offenses, are so thoroughly skewered in the media that defense attorneys often complain that a fair trial is near impossible. Crimes against women receive little attention unless, for example, the woman is a well known figure, Caucasian, or the perpetrator is a U.S. serviceman charged with a sexual crime.

Nobody knows this better than Masako Hirano. Her world changed abruptly in the wee hours of June 13, 1995...

and in another sexual assault:

...Since the perpetrator had shown "remorse," the incident was recorded as "a minor molestation." The assailant was released and no indictment was filed. ..Japan Times article by Michael H. Fox here.

I am sure that someone can explain this sort of thing away by saying similar things happen in every country. Even if so, it does not excuse the Japanese criminal justice system.

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