Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Back to Reality.

Billary has won the Texas and Ohio primaries in the US which probably means that the Democrats will once again nominate some arrogant insufferable bore to run for president. Perhaps they will even lose again, even after Bush and most of the rest of the Republicans have done their best to destroy the party over the last 8 years. If Billary wins, is she gonna claim her 35 years of odd-jobs mostly unrelated to being the president or even holding an executive position trumps McCain's experience? OK, she was the president's wife which is the same thing, I am sure. Is she gonna claim to be the candidate of change back to the 90s? Should she become president, will we have to lock up the young women, goats, and chickens so pumpkin-head Bill won't be able to get to them? Another 4-8 years of trailer-trash in the White House. (Trailer-trash is probably not the right term as just because someone lives in a trailer or trailer park, does not make them trash. However, were I to imagine the unfair stereotype of trailer-trash, the Clintons fit it perfectly.)

My fantasy of a real general election conducted maturely and on the issues, as well as some possibility of real change---vague though that may be---if Obama were to be elected is quickly evaporating. How depressing.

Should Billary be nominated, at least it answers any question of who I will vote for this time. Or, more accurately, who I will not vote for.

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