Thursday, March 27, 2008

More security and better services for bakagaijin

And it includes non-gaijin foreigners too. (meaning not Caucasian)

Report urges closer watch on foreigners (Japan Time headlines)

Foreigners living in Japan should be allowed five-year visas but kept under the eye of a new unified Justice Ministry-run nationwide identification system, a government panel on immigration control said in its report released Wednesday.

...a new foreigner registration system and revision of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law should aim at creating "a symbiotic community" by providing a "pleasant environment for foreign residents in Japan...

Of course. This has to be a good idea since it will place non-Japanese under the benevolent care of Hatoyama's ministry.

...critics view the new registry system as increased state control.

Cynical fools. If they don't like it, why don't they just shut up and leave? This is a democracy, after all.

This thoughtful measure could also prevent me (and other untrustworthy bakagaijin/criminal/terrorist types) from overstaying visas, working illegally, going into a bar in Tokyo to complain about noise and getting killed, being murdered by sexual predators, and other such things. Plus, we could get better access to all the educational opportunities here. And, it's for security. We need to trust Hatoyama-sama, a man with personal knowledge about the danger of terrorists.

I can't wait to read about it in a Japanese article, even if I get a headache doing so. Full article here

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