Sunday, February 03, 2008

Likely future PM Aso again displays his

deep thinking and superior intellect. From the right-of-Abe fellow who plans to increase outside acceptance and understanding of Japanese "foreign policy" through comic books, a new comment on the latest food scandal in Japan.

No, this is not another Japanese company being caught using old, out-of-date or semi-spoiled ingredients. It is not a Japanese company selling pork intentionally mislabeled as beef. It is not a Japanese company selling ordinary chicken at very high prices while claiming it is a more expensive type of special chicken nor is it a Japanese company involved in any other type of food-related fraud as has been commonplace recently. This time it is another problem with Chinese imports:

Former Foreign Minister Taro Aso said Saturday that Japan's agricultural cooperatives should be grateful to China for enhancing the value Japanese-made food with its allegedly dangerous dumplings.

I am a bit confused as I cannot trust Japanese food unless it is obviously fresh food. I cannot trust frozen products, cakes, processed foods, dairy products and the like because of the huge number of scandals involving those. As far as I know, the Japanese government has put no increased safety measures in place to insure the quality of Japanese food. So I am a bit confused as to what Aso means. Does he mean that even though you cannot trust the quality and safety of many Japanese food products, at least they are no worse than Chinese products?

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