Friday, February 15, 2008

Good Ol' Denenchofu McDonalds (Unhygienic food handling)

I never learn. I did it again. I went to the Denenchofu Tokyo McDonalds to get some "food." I haven't been going there much recently because (as I have written before) it was one of the dirtiest McDonalds that I have even seen. I think that the main reason was because they never had enough staff on hand---there are often only 2 employees in sight and one is cooking and the other manning the registers. I thought that they may have improved. I was wrong, it seems.

Last night I went in to get 2 hamburgers---the cheap ¥100 jobs. There was a young guy in a manager's uniform on the registers and one guy cooking (well, whatever McDs does to its burgers). I placed my order when it was my turn and the manager could get a second between collecting and bagging previous customers' orders. He was jugging all this and wiping the sweat off his face from the constant running back and forth. He took my cash with his un-gloved hands. After he had taken an order from the customer after me, he ran back to help the seemingly overwhelmed cook. He pulled the french fry basket out of the oil and put uncooked fries in. Then I noticed him glance at me. For some reason I got suspicious and moved to where I could see him better.

He next grabbed a spatula and put my burgers on the buns. Then he took his dirty, cash-handling, sweat-wiping hands and placed the top of the buns on the burgers and picked each up them up and placed them in the wrapping.

I asked the woman next to me if she saw that. Apparently she did not. I was thinking of telling the guy to shove them somewhere uncomfortable. I should have simply asked him if he had washed his hands before touching them and then told him to make 2 more. But I didn't as I knew that I would have said something too harsh and would have looked the bad guy in front of all the customers. I did not eat the burgers, but threw them away.

After I got home I e-mailed McDonalds USA about it in the hope that they will do something (hahaha). McDonalds Japan had no way to e-mail that I could find. Then I found McD Japans postal address on the USA site and wrote a letter to them. I am going to try to find some sort of Japan or Tokyo government agency similar to a state health department in the US to file a complaint with. So far nobody knows what department or agency that would be. That may mean that there is no such agency or department that makes it easy for citizens to complain about unsanitary food service

Not much will come out of it I am sure. Denechofu McDs will be just as dirty next month as this. I won't be going again unless it is to take some photos at one of it busy times when garbage cans are overflowing and the floors and tables are filthy. And the manager is fingering your (or your child's) food with his dirty hands.

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