Saturday, February 16, 2008

Denenchofu McDs and unsanitary conditions Pt. 2

I have learned that McDonalds USA will not respond to questions/concerns about non-USA McDonalds. Like many of these international companies, they aren't going to be burdened by their company's foreign problems. I have an idea that McDonald's Japan will do nothing unless they get caught sickening someone. (They were one of the companies caught changing sell-by dates last year. The company claimed it was just one restaurant that was doing it. Right. I believe it.)

The US site does have a way to complain about an individual restaurant---if it is in the US. Contrast that with the Japan site which has no direct route for customers to complain. There is a contact form buried deep in the site. I had a tough time getting it to work as I had to write my name in kanji, even though I can't. (I have no name in Kanji). So finally, I gave up and filled in 本本。I sent a letter yesterday, but I don't wanna wait forever.

McDonalds Japan does have all kinds of information about how safe the food is. If you want to challenge that idea, it seems that they aren't too eager to hear from you. Very neo-bushido. Fujiwara Masahiko would love it. It is (safe) because it is. Contrary opinions are not to be uttered.

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